Contractor Prequalification

General Contractors and other corporations recognize the importance in hiring contractors that are focused on safety. Contractor prequalification providers help to make sure these corporations are connecting with safe, dependable companies that follow government regulations before stepping foot on a job.

Written safety & health plans are an important part of a company’s safety and health program. Not only does OSHA require companies to have written programs, but often times contractors require safety & health programs to be submitted as part of the pre-qualification process.

We can make the process of getting accepted and ensuring your compliance with *ISNetworld®, PEC™, Avetta™ and MICCS™ easier. Razer Safety and Health, LLC is ready to assist you.

The plans we develop will build your company’s safety and health programs so that they are not only in compliance with OSHA’s standards but to *ISNetworld®, PEC Premier™, Avetta™. Whether you are signing up with a contractor prequalification site for the first time or you have been a member, we can assist you. We will help you to answer questions. Contractors and suppliers submit information into *ISNetworld®, PEC™, Avetta™ and MICCS™ based on regulatory and hiring client requirements. Razer Safety and Health, LLC can help you tune these documents.

After you hear back from the contractor prequalification site, Razer Safety and Health, LLC will continue to assist you on future requirements or changes as needed to achieve an A (approved) rating!

We will also help your company keep up with new an updated OSHA requirements for years to come by updating your company’s safety programs. Razer Safety and Health, LLC’s experienced safety professionals will come on-site to help your company implement the safety programs to become OSHA compliant.


"I have referred many clients to Chet. He is very knowledgeable, practical and responsive. Clients really appreciate that."

Julie O'Keefe
-Armstrong Teasdale-

"It is a great pleasure for me to share with any prospective client of Razer Safety and Health Consulting the excellent professional services that you provided in a recent case where our respective organizations provided legal and consulting services for a client in a significant OSHA matter.

As a former Area Director for OSHA, you provided practical advice to our client, and you provided these services in a professional and cost-effective manner.

Please feel free to have any of your prospective clients contact me for any additional information concerning your consulting experience. You are an excellent resource in the OSHA area, and it was a personal pleasure to work with you on this project. Continued success."

Dennis Collins

"Mr Razer was thorough, prepared, knowledgeable and proactive. We really enjoyed working with him."

Neil Chanter
-Strong – Garner – Bauer-