How to Decrease your Insurance MOD Rate

Has your insurance MOD rate increased? To decrease your insurance MOD rate, you can take the following actions:

Improve Workplace Safety: One of the biggest factors that affect your MOD rate is workplace accidents and injuries. By improving workplace safety, you can reduce the number of accidents and claims, which will ultimately result in a lower MOD rate. You can achieve this by providing safety training to your employees, conducting regular safety inspections, and implementing safety protocols and procedures.

Implement a Return-to-Work Program: By implementing a return-to-work program, you can help injured employees return to work as soon as possible. This can help reduce the amount of time they spend on disability and reduce your workers' compensation costs. A return-to-work program can also help improve morale and productivity.

Manage Claims Efficiently: Efficient claims management can help reduce the cost of claims and improve your MOD rate. You can achieve this by reporting claims promptly, communicating effectively with injured employees and insurance carriers, and working with medical providers to manage medical costs.

Shop Around for Insurance: It's always a good idea to shop around for insurance to make sure you're getting the best rate. You can compare rates from different insurance carriers to find the best deal for your business.

Maintain Good Communication with Your Insurance Carrier: Communication is key when it comes to insurance. By maintaining good communication with your insurance carrier, you can ensure that they have all the information they need to accurately calculate your MOD rate. You can also work with them to develop strategies to reduce your rate over time.

Remember, reducing your MOD rate takes time and effort, but the benefits can be significant in terms of cost savings and improved workplace safety.

Razer Safety and Health Consulting, LLC can assist employers in implementing changes to reduce MOD rate.


"Chet, I’m proud to say as of 08/16/ 2023 we have achieved an experience mod rate of .66. The lowest rating possible! You have been instrumental in this achievement and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done to help us get there, Thanks Again."

Colby L. Robertson
Robertson Contractors-

"We consider ourselves very fortunate to have Chet Razer available as a resource to our workplace wellness and safety teams at Gilster-Mary Lee. Chet offers a unique set of skills and experience, has always been very responsive to our needs, and offered very sound counsel and support in the issues we have presented to him. His business is a great example of how a consulting partner can support a client in an effective and cost efficient manner."

Tom Welge, Vice President, Technical Sales & General Counsel
- Gilster-Mary Lee Corporation-

"Razer's vast experience with OSHA / MSHA and his ability to relate to our crews in the field has added tremendous value to our safety and health program. It's nice to know when Chet inspects a job site and talks with employees, a positive impact will follow."

Todd Cook, CSP
Director of Safety & Health
-Thomas Industrial Coatings, Inc.-