OSHA Compliance Gap Analysis and Safety Program Development

Razer Safety and Health, LLC, can provide an OSHA Compliance Gap Analysis for less than the cost of one serious OSHA violation. This particular OSHA compliance safety consulting product details the positive aspects of your safety program and what aspects must be addressed in order to be fully OSHA compliant. We provide comprehensive or specific services to manufacturing and general industry, as well as maritime and construction companies.

At the end of the Gap Analysis, you will:

It normally takes one day to gather information and inspect one location. We provide this service to anyone, anywhere.

Custom Written Occupational Safety and Health Programs

Written safety and health plans are the heartbeat of a company’s safety and health program. Not only does OSHA require companies to have written programs, but also contractors often require safety and health programs to be submitted as part of the pre-qualification process for bidding jobs. Insurance brokers and underwriters are eager to see written safety programs and how the programs keep employees safe and healthy at the workplace.

Throughout the review process, Razer Safety and Health, LLC, will discuss your company’s operation in detail to ensure the program will meet your specific needs and will address hazards that your employees may encounter. Razer Safety and Health, LLC will provide, at your request, a written compliance gap analysis. In addition, information will be obtained for implementing your safety and health program, hazards specific to your operation, personal protective equipment that is utilized, evacuation routes and procedures, and more. Once your company’s information has been obtained and reviewed, Razer Safety and Health, LLC will be able to create a customized safety program for your company that addresses safety conditions unique to your company. You can depend on Razer Safety and Health, LLC to develop programs to best meet your company’s requirements. We will update your programs as standards change.

Razer Safety Customizes Specifically for Your Industry

Each industry has its own unique needs and requirements for safety and compliance training and we can identify and help you meet OSHA requirements. You can implement or update your industry-specific safety-training program efficiently and cost-effectively with Razer Safety and Health, LLC.
Implement or update your Construction Safety Training Program to meet OSHA Construction Standards efficiently and cost-effectively with industry specific products and programs. With topics covering a multitude of subjects, from silica to scaffolding safety to power tools, forklifts, trenching, and more.

Construction Silica
Ladders and Stairways
Hazard Communication and Globalized Harmonized Systems (GHS)
Personal Protective Equipment
Fire Prevention and Extinguisher Training
First Aid and Blood Borne Pathogens
Fall Protection
Heat Stress
Powered Industrial Trucks (PIT)
Hand and Power Tools
Safety Committee
Accident Reporting
Misconduct Program
Frequent and Regular Inspections
Record of Program Annual Review
Derricks in Construction
Arc Flash Training
Construction Hearing Conservation
Construction Permit Confined Space
Excavation and Trenching
Mobile Equipment
Respiratory Protection Program
Steel Erection
General Industry and Manufacturing Safety is of paramount importance for companies of all kinds and sizes. Razer Safety and Health LLC covers a broad range of safety training topics, from preventing hazards to job site accident investigation to forklift training. Razer Safety and Health LLC will identify your strengths and gaps to meet OSHA General Industry requirements.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Verification and Program
First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
Blood Bourne Pathogens (BBP)
Hearing Conservation Program
Respiratory Protection
Heat Stress
Fall Protection Program
Hazard Communication and Globalized Harmonized System (GHS)
Powered Industrial Truck training
Medical Records Access
Ladders and Stairways
Fire Prevention Plan and Fire Extinguisher Training
Emergency Action Plan
Energy Control
Hand & Power Tools
Safety Committee
OSHA 300/300A Logs
Periodic Inspections
Record of Annual Review
Excel Training Spreadsheet (electronic format only)
Misconduct Program
Compressed Gas and Welding
Machine Guarding
Arc Flash
Other Custom Written Program Topics
Accident/Incident Investigation
Asbestos Awareness
Abrasive Blasting
Access to Medical Records
Aerial Lifts
Assured Equipment Grounding Conductors
Behavior Based Safety
Benzene Awareness
Compressed Gas Safety
Disciplinary Policy
Driving Safety
Fatigue Management
Housekeeping and Waste Management
Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
Hexavalent Chromium (Chromium VI)
Hydrogen Sulfide
Ionizing Radiation
Ladder Safety
Job Competency
Fit For Duty Screening
Journey Management
In-Plant Rail Safety
Lead Awareness
Mobile Equipment
Rigging Material Handling
Subcontractor Management Plans
Stop Work Authority
Short Service Employee
Welding, Cutting, Hot Work

Razer Safety and Health, LLC will create a safety program to address any situation. Contact us to discuss your unique issues. Your first consultation is always free. Call 618-443-4276.


"We consulted with and hired Chet Razer as an expert witness to inspect a commercial roof fall/injury in Southwest Missouri. Chet came to the injury site, conducted an investigation and wrote a great report. Chet is a walking OHSA manual. You can tell from the terminology and his work related mannerisms that he lives and breathes safety. Chet’s deposition went flawlessly and helped settle our case before trial. I highly recommend Chet Razer as a safety consultant in regard to workplace injuries."

Scott Pettit
-Pettit Law Offices-

"I recently retained Chet to consult with on a wrongful death case I that involved worksite safety responsibilities and OSHA issues. Prior to retaining Chet I had interviewed several other experts, but was not comfortable with any of them for a variety of reasons. From my first discussion with Chet it was readily apparent that he has a wealth of experience and knowledge in safety-related matters. Most importantly to me, however, was the fact that Chet did not immediately start offering opinions on the case or otherwise go into a speech about his qualifications. Instead, he listened to what I had to say, then asked a number of pertinent questions and identified various materials that he knew would be critical to the issues in the case. Although I did not then know what opinions Chet may reach in the case, I felt comfortable that he was credible and not an expert that would simply tell you what he thought you wanted to hear.
After reviewing thousands of documents Chet demonstrated a detailed understanding of the case and was very good at educating me on the issues presented. He ultimately wrote a great report which I am confident played a significant role in reaching a fair settlement of the case. At every step in the case Chet was responsive and made himself readily available. He was focused, thorough, knowledgeable, helpful, candid, and straightforward. Although I did not get to see him testify by way of deposition or trial, I knew that he would be credible and well-liked by a jury. I will use Chet in the future and highly recommend him to others."

Monty Barnett, Attorney
-White and Steele-

"Razer's vast experience with OSHA / MSHA and his ability to relate to our crews in the field has added tremendous value to our safety and health program. It's nice to know when Chet inspects a job site and talks with employees, a positive impact will follow."

Todd Cook, CSP
Director of Safety & Health
-Thomas Industrial Coatings, Inc.-