OHSA/MHSA Safety Expert Ligation Support Services

If you are in need of an OSHA/MSHA Safety & Health Expert Witness to assist you with any level of litigation support, look no further. Razer Safety and Health Consulting LLC is owned and operated by Chester R. Razer former MSHA Federal Mine Inspector and OSHA Area Director. Razer holds a Masters Degree in Mining Engineering and is a Certified Safety Professional credentialed by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP). As an occupational safety and health- consulting firm, Razer Safety and Health provides high-quality contract services. Razer’s experience includes conducting fatality investigations and giving testimony on behalf of OSHA.

While with OSHA Chester Razer completed over 400 field inspections, fatality investigations and accident investigations. Razer trained with and served on OSHA’s Nationwide Specialized Response Team and was a first OSHA responder at World Trade and Kittera Disasters.

Expert witness testimony for Defendants or Plaintiffs. Assist in trial preparation, review of pre-trial material, written opinion, deposition and trial testimony. Nationwide safety consultation and claims investigation. Specializing in OSHA/MSHA compliance for construction, mining, agriculture, manufacturing, petrochemical, marine, entertainment venues, hotels and motels, school districts and municipalities.

Razer Safety and Health, LLC provides professional services for all your Expert Witness, Safety Consulting, and Risk Management needs.

Razer Safety and Health Safety, LLC can perform expert witness and safety related services customized to suit your needs. Working with you and your staff, we analyze and formulate a program designed to accomplish your goals.

OHSA/MSHA Safety expert witness specialties

When looking for an expert witness, there are several key factors to consider:

Qualifications and expertise: Look for an expert with relevant qualifications, such as degrees or certifications, and extensive experience in the field related to the case. The expert should have knowledge and skills that are relevant to the specific issues involved in the case.

Testimony experience: It's important to choose an expert who has experience providing testimony in court or in depositions. This ensures that they understand the legal process and can effectively communicate their opinions to a judge or jury.

Credibility and reputation: Look for an expert who is respected in their field and has a reputation for honesty and impartiality. Check for any past ethical or disciplinary issues.

Communication skills: The expert should be able to clearly explain complex technical information in a way that is easily understood by non-experts. They should also be able to handle tough cross-examination questions effectively.

Availability: Make sure the expert has the time and availability to work on the case and to prepare for trial.

Cost: Consider the expert's fees and make sure they are reasonable and within your budget.

Compatibility: The expert should be easy to work with, understands the goals of the case, and is willing to work collaboratively with your legal team.

Contact Chester Razer for information about our workplace OSHA/MSHA safety expert witness services.


"I recently retained Chet to consult with on a wrongful death case I that involved worksite safety responsibilities and OSHA issues. Prior to retaining Chet I had interviewed several other experts, but was not comfortable with any of them for a variety of reasons. From my first discussion with Chet it was readily apparent that he has a wealth of experience and knowledge in safety-related matters. Most importantly to me, however, was the fact that Chet did not immediately start offering opinions on the case or otherwise go into a speech about his qualifications. Instead, he listened to what I had to say, then asked a number of pertinent questions and identified various materials that he knew would be critical to the issues in the case. Although I did not then know what opinions Chet may reach in the case, I felt comfortable that he was credible and not an expert that would simply tell you what he thought you wanted to hear.

After reviewing thousands of documents Chet demonstrated a detailed understanding of the case and was very good at educating me on the issues presented. He ultimately wrote a great report which I am confident played a significant role in reaching a fair settlement of the case. At every step in the case Chet was responsive and made himself readily available. He was focused, thorough, knowledgeable, helpful, candid, and straightforward. Although I did not get to see him testify by way of deposition or trial, I knew that he would be credible and well-liked by a jury. I will use Chet in the future and highly recommend him to others.""

Monty Barnett
-White and Steele-

"It is a great pleasure for me to share with any prospective client of Razer Safety and Health Consulting the excellent professional services that you provided in a recent case where our respective organizations provided legal and consulting services for a client in a significant OSHA matter.

As a former Area Director for OSHA, you provided practical advice to our client, and you provided these services in a professional and cost-effective manner.

Please feel free to have any of your prospective clients contact me for any additional information concerning your consulting experience. You are an excellent resource in the OSHA area, and it was a personal pleasure to work with you on this project. Continued success."

Dennis Collins

"Razer Safety and Health Consulting has given our comprehensive safety and health management system a quantum leap in our employee training methodology to avoid and eliminate hazards on our projects. The depth and breadth of Mr. Razer's skill set and background has provided much needed expertise in strengthening our safety culture with a team like and systematic approach to our goal of zero incidences."

Steven Philipp, Jr.
-Coatings Unlimited, Inc.-