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Razer Safety & Health provides a full range of occupational safety and health services: general industry, construction, maritime or mining are some of the areas we assist. Whether you require assistance with OHSA citations, third-party compliance audits, OSHA/MSHA expert witness services, monitoring or compliance assistance, your organization's attention to safety will reduce costs.

We provide forensic services related to accidents and personal injuries in construction and general industry, including accident investigation, analysis, cause determination and consultation, research and expert witness services for litigation involving work-related accidents and injuries. We also provide assistance with the application of OSHA and MSHA regulations, procedures and policies.

While working with OSHA, Chester Razer completed more than 400 field inspections, fatality investigations and accident investigations. Razer trained with and served on OSHA's Nationwide Specialized Response Team and was a first OSHA responder at World Trade Center and Hurricane Katrina disasters.

Workplace hazards can affect not only individuals' safety, but delay schedules, decrease profit margins and even damage company reputation. Our comprehensive services, delivered by industry-leading staff, are designed to help you avoid those pitfalls.

We provide comprehensive services including:

We guarantee using our services will help maintain or build a sustainable culture of leadership and lead to incident and injury reductions.

Key Benefits

Razer Safety & Health specializes in negotiating and reducing penalties during the OSHA Informal Settlement Conference. This is one of four opportunities granted an employer upon receipt of the OSHA inspection report.

If we can't achieve the results you want at an informal settlement conference, you have the option to hire an attorney and contest your penalties, provided you have not exhausted your time restraints.

Razer Safety & Health can give you the best results at the cheapest cost. Please make your first phone call to us to discuss your issues. There is no cost for the call.

Razer Safety & Health will present your situation in the best possible light and in the most cost-effective manner. Contact us today to explore your options.