Safety Incident Record Keeping

Improving safety incident and record keeping is essential to improving workplace safety.

Improving safety incident and record keeping is important for several reasons:

Compliance with regulations: In many industries, there are regulations and standards that require companies to record and report workplace accidents, illnesses, and injuries. This information is used by government agencies to track trends and monitor the effectiveness of workplace safety programs. OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements

Improved understanding of safety risks: Accident and injury data can be analyzed to identify patterns and trends that can help organizations better understand the root causes of workplace incidents. This information can be used to prioritize safety improvements, target areas for training and education, and allocate resources to address the most significant risks.

Better decision making: Accurate and up-to-date records of workplace incidents can be used to inform decision-making about workplace safety, such as choosing the right protective equipment, adjusting work processes to reduce exposure to hazards, and developing emergency response plans.

Improved communication and transparency: Maintaining accurate records of workplace incidents can improve communication and transparency between workers, management, and regulators. It can also help to build trust between these groups and demonstrate a company's commitment to safety.

Evidence in legal proceedings: Accident and injury records can serve as valuable evidence in legal proceedings, such as workers' compensation claims, lawsuits, and government investigations.

By improving safety incident and record keeping, organizations can gain a deeper understanding of the risks faced by their workers and make informed decisions to promote workplace safety and prevent accidents, injuries, and illnesses.


"I retained Chet Razer on behalf of a mining equipment manufacturer client to testify as an expert in wrongful death litigation pending in Southern West Virginia. We requested he assist us with opinions related to coal mine safety and a variety of dust control related issues. Not only was his background in MSHA and OSHA invaluable, but Chet worked quickly to process a lot of data and drafted an excellent report. I would highly recommend him as a litigation expert."

-Nelson Mullins-

"THANK YOU. Chet was a pleasure to work with Chet was very professional, and I do feel much better about our OSHA logs and our records. We will be continuing to use Razer Safety for our ongoing safety training. Thanks again."

Chris Niebrugge
-Niebrugge Lumber-

"Razer Safety has been vital in helping us with all aspects of our safety training, programs and policies. The knowledge Mr. Razer demonstrates in safety policy, training, implementation, and OSHA compliance have been instrumental in making RCI the best we can be."

Colby Robertson
-President, Robertson Contractors, Inc.-